Gratitude Day – 2020

Gratitude – Should you change your Self Talk?Expecting things to work out is not wishful thinking, it is choosing to be positive no matter what the consequences.  That positive mindset,…

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Business Journal

Business Journal To Success?

A Business Journal is NOT an Emotional Diary.Business Journaling is good for your business. A Business Journal is a record of how, why and when you run your business. It…

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Grandmas Journal

How Do I Journal?

How Do I Journal?I get asked that question – a lot.  The simple answer is – daily.Do I use a certain or special method or journal?Yes and No!  I prefer…

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Travel Journals [Blog Post]

Travel Journals Preserve Your Travel ExperiencesTraveling is a great way to escape the rat race and experience new cultures and places. Alas, your experiences can fade with time. The best…

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Business Journals

Business Journal 101 [Blog Post}

Dear Business Journal – I’m working on a new journal for the Mom Owned Business (MOB) Persona.  There are so many facets to that type of business model I’m not sure…

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Recreate Responsibly Bage

Recreate Responsibly Coalition [Blog Post]

Greetings –In an effort to educate and promote the #Responsible Recreation coalition, all my blogs have much the same post this week.Coalition Members.The Coalition began in Washington State, where the…

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Writing A Journal

How Do I Start Writing a Journal? [Blog Post]

How Do I Start Writing a Journal? Writing a Journal isn’t something that you need to think about too hard. Yes, there are numerous types and styles of journals and…

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Respect for the law

Respect Owners Rights [Blog Post]

Respect? A large number of Americans have an attitude that businesses are public and are controlled by the Government.  While there is no doubt that government rules and regulations control…

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Journal Writing - Jana Hassett

4 Benefits Inspire Journal Writing

The benefits of journal writing are fairly well established due to the long history of journal writing. From Anne Frank to Di Vinci, journal writing has proven itself. When considering…

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