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Biz In A Bundle Journal – Lesson No. 1


Biz In A Bundle Journal – Lesson No. 1

Journal writing helps you pay attention to details.  And running a business requires dealing with a lot of details.  Keeping the information in one place helps provide the details when you need them.  Biz In A Bundle Journaling was created for that very purpose – keeping the details in one place.

Detailed Business Journaling

Let’s start with Pages 2-6, where a majority of the information about your business can be placed.  When we sign up for an assumed Business name (AKA) we may use one name, say your full name but middle initial not the middle name spelled out.  When you register for a business license, the City or County may not care about the middle initial at all.  Be sure you record each item as you recorded with the agency, as well as the date you filed it.  Many times you have to retrieve those filings for your records, print a copy and file in a folder marked Biz In A Bundle Docs.

Your Detailed Internet Information

The “My Website” page, No. 4, provides spaces for the information related to your website, and pertinent details that will make it easier to access the site when you or a staff member needs it.  This information will change over time.  Just like business owners of brick and mortar stores change their store layout every 2-4 years, you’ll find you’ll want to change the face of your website in the same time frame.  Having this information is vital to making that happen without having to prove you own it (which can be almost impossible with some companies that host).

Page 5, Social Media Accounts, is the same.  Be sure you record not only the email and password you use to access these accounts, but record their Usernames as well.  Some sites have the email on record but require you use the Username to get access.  And if you have given up the email you used to open the account, it might take you months to solve the problems.  Be detailed oriented.

Your Mission Statement

Lastly, page 6 provides space for you to record your mission statement – Your Why. 

A Business Mission Statement is an action-oriented declaration why you are in business.  In other words – your “why”.

If you haven’t taken the time to develop your why, now is the time to answer these questions:

  • Who am I?                                       What have you achieved?
  • What do I do?                                 What are your goals?
  • How do I do it?                               What problems can you solve?
  • Why do I do it?                               What is most important to you?
  • Who do I do it for?

Now match these up to tell your story.  This becomes your why. Need help? Email me and I’ll help you develop your why, because you being able to share it and expand on it is my why. Because I want home-based and solopreneur business owners to know how to answer the question – What Do You Do? That’s the name of my Facebook group and I’d love to have you join it.

When you finish writing your Why, write it on Page 6 and date it.  It should not change, but you may need to modify it with other words and other support reasons.  All are important.

That’s Part 1.  There are 3 more.  I want to be sure you have the details you’ll need later on, before later on becomes the problem.

Until next time – have a prosperous week.



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