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Biz In A Bundle – Lesson No. 3


Biz In A Bundle - Lesson No. 3

The Planning and Tracking of my business.

Pages 17 - 21 are the planning sections.  Things to do - Everyday, Every Week, Every Month, This Month, and Anything else I need to remember to do.  These are great pages for listing the items you need to do on an ongoing basis.  I then take these items and post them on my phone.  I could just post them to my phone, but then I won't have the entire picture of what my regular duties are and leads me to overbook.

The order is logical for most folks, but I think the other way around.  I'm a big picture person so I look at the month first.  This keeps me from overbooking and making sure I have time for each appointment, project, speaking engagement, etc.  I spend November researching and tracking products.  What sold, when it sold, and average sale prices.  This elp to create my customer perosna.

Then I start, with pencil so I can make necessary changes, addin in events, shows, travel needs, loding needs, and which customer persona to target.  You should have several different personas, based on age, location, and buying needs that change over our lifetimes.  Don't forget to add trade shows and regular bookkeeping duties.  

Monthly duties and Bookkeeping duties.

  • Post sales and expenses to Quickbooks - the free version should be enough for most solopreneurs.
  • When your month is complete, create a backup by making a portable file.
  • Tally the sales and stopper counts
  • Determine average sales figures
  • Do a quick inventory of products and create reorders
  • Check on supplies -  gift boxes, tissue paper, bags, cash register paper, printer ink, and any other suppies you use.  You don't want to get caught without them.

Then I move on to weekly tasks.  These vary by industry.  Just be sure you're doing the daily tasks that get the weekly and monthly tasks completed.  And last, but not least, your daily tasks are many.  

Sample Daily Routine --

For home based businesses -

  • get dressed - do not work in your pajamas, it's a different mindset
  • check your calendar for today's appointments and be sure you're prepared for them
  • Make a 3-item to-do list (if you didn't do it the night before).  
    These are the three tasks that must be accomplished today.
  • Check emails, website sales systems, and any Facebook or Linked In Requests. 

Working from home takes a great deal of discipline.  No one checks on you.  You set your own to-do lists. Your success is based on yur ability to plan and execute.

For On-premise businesses -

Before you unlock the doors, sweep, clean and sanitize the front doors and sales counters. Dust and redisplay items that look thin or need support from other product.  You need to create a daily habit of this.  A clean store sells more product.

Regardless of location, don't be too proud to ask for help.  I offer 30 min. complimentary consultations to anyone who feels lost in their business.  Solopreneurs need someone to chat with about their business.  Get a Business Coach who has been in Business, worked with the public, and creates her own product. ME!

Until next time -  Have a prosperous week!



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