August 22

Business Journal To Success?

A Business Journal is NOT an Emotional Diary.

Business Journaling is good for your business. A Business Journal is a record of how, why and when you run your business. It includes interesting events that impact your daily decisions and is a record of your daily business life.

After 40+ years of keeping Journals of all types, I've yet to find a blog post or article that talks about the actual details of your business life and what you need to write about.

Let's talk about what a Business Journal is Not. 

It is not a place to unload your personal growth. Personal matters belong in a personal journal. A place where you can share your inner fears, loves, concerns, about your personal life. It can be a place to talk about your personal investment, both money and spiritual, in your business. If you're having difficulties around your business commitment and future you should share those thoughts in your personal journals.

One Business Journaling article stated "Journal writing is like having a personal therapist on retainer". I don't disagree, but those writings belong in a personal journal. Another wrote gave a list of 11 reasons to Journal for Business Success. Several of those items were personal:

  • help you sleep better
  • Banishes any negative thoughts

A different post had 5 items and one was "Journaling helps you find ideas to write about". If you're in Business and a solopreneur you have plenty of ideas, concerns, problems, solutions, creative projects, marketing, etc. content to write about. Finding peace in a noisy world is the biggest benefit from a personal journal if you are in business.

Business Journal

What is in your Business Journal?

It becomes the history of your company, for better or worse, and allows you to chart your company's course of action. When you need to know what the season was like last year, you will have the information available. When you need to plan content for your website, you'll have the information on how last year went and when things were needed. When you need to sell your company, you will have a ledger/journal of what has occurred during the life of the business for the new owner's use.

A Business Journal is a record of your daily business life. Appointments you had and their outcomes. Tasks you agreed to and any compensation you'll give or receive. Any, or course, a list of tasks to be accomplished and by when. I don't know about you, but I respond to deadlines, even arbitrary ones, rather than just a wish list.  Download A Great Journal

The goal for your Business Journal should be to record your daily store events (even online) in order to track your success.

If you have a brick and mortar establishment, record what time you arrive, when you turned the sign to open and what you did in the interim. Be sure to date the page. Eventually, you won't need to write that down, you will have certain habits you've established every morning, but you'll know when you started those.

As you help people during the day, record any special requests, or when customers ask for items you don't carry. Maybe you create a special request page in the back of the journal so you'll know what to watch for at the next trade show.

If you're online, your stoppers are counted for you. Be sure you go in weekly and record those numbers in your journal. If you run a special or a promo that should impact your visitor counts record those numbers daily. Follow what you are doing online with a Google Search Console account. And if you want to track your online organic traffic, visit Neil Patel's website support is helpful in tracking your online presence and your competitions.

What is a Business Journal?

Your key to your Business Success. Keep it about business - not personal - not political - not religious. Make it the story of your business life. The legacy you Pass On.

Be sure to email me if you have questions about your business or sign up for a free 30 minute Zoom Chat. I'm here to help.


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