August 8

How Do I Journal?


How Do I Journal?

I get asked that question – a lot.  The simple answer is – daily.

Do I use a certain or special method or journal?

Yes and No!  I prefer the hardcover journals I sell in my store here online.  They have sturdy spines, month and day numbers at the top, and nice quality paper.  DesignWorks Ink produces them, and they come in a variety of themes and colors.  Plain lined is great.

Do You Bullet Journal?

No.  That style of journaling is more for those than want memorabilia included – dried flowers, drawings, photographs, etc. They are great for the journalist that writes about family, travel, children, etc.  And for me, the time it takes to include all the extras is time lost for content writing.  To each his own.  But if this intrigues you, please do let me know.  I have some great contacts for quality bullet journals and extras.

Do you have a routine?

Yes.  I get up no later than 7 AM each day and check on emails while waking.  Breakfast get dressed and check with husband (Tracy) to coordinate our day – who needs to go where and when.  Am I cooking or outside meals?  Then I’m back at the computer by 9 AM.  I write for a couple of hours, then work on websites until 1 PM and then break for lunch.

In the afternoon my poor old eyes aren’t interested in staring at the screen any longer, so I do other projects.  Currently, I’m working on a project for my Grand Daughter.  It’s a Journal – “Grandma’s Journal”.  Since I just have the one Grand Daughter that is interested in family history and genealogy, I’m writing our family story (with pictures).  I have my Grandmother’s photos and written story, my Dads family story and pictures, and, of course, mine. 

I’m having a wonderful time walking down memory lane.  From our days in Kansas to my adult life adventures – she’s not much on change and when she reads the whole story, I can just see her shaking her head.  LOL.  Do you have a routine? 

Did You Keep A Journal When In a Retail Business?

Absolutely!  At first, it was just a record of the number of stoppers.  Stoppers, by our definition, are the number of people that walk into your store every day.  Adults only.  Then I started adding the daily sales totals and dividing to get the sales per stopper.  When you’re based in a tourist driven economy you don’t generally have a lot of repeat, local trade.  Folks walk in and out, but it does give you some tracking information. 

That sale per stopper number is what we used to budget for the coming year.  When we opened our new store in Escalante, Utah in 2006 keeping track of those numbers allowed us to paint a picture for the bank of the increase in traffic/stoppers and sales.  We also used it to budget for inventory purchases.  Every year, at Thanksgiving, we would review stopper counts for the year and look back at the previous three years numbers.  It was great reinforcement that what we were doing was working.

What’s your favorite Travel Journal?

Small.  I have a series of wire-bound journals that I carry in each vehicle.  I can write while on the road or in the hotel or at a rockhounding destination.  I started using journalist notebooks – they are top wire-bound and tall.  I found that writing on one side all the way through and then turning over was easier than flipping back and forth.  Those are still available, but only online and more expensive than the small side wire-bound journals/notebooks you can get at Walmart. 

Lots of times Tracy and I will be brainstorming ideas for his work as a Lapidarist, or either of our online stores, or a project at the house, etc.  Having these little journals within arms reach is very helpful.  And I’ve acquired a lot of story ideas over the years having them at my fingertips with a pen attached in the wire binding.

What Journals are you currently working on creating?

A series of small journals with specific purposes.  They aren’t far enough along to share at this moment but look for them November 1st.

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