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As a Coach and Mentor, I get asked "What Did You Use to do that?"  Over the years I've gone from building if/then websites for Warehouse Inventory (1985) to WordPress sites for myself and a number of small businesses in Utah.  

The products I sell I have either purchased for my own use and found them excellent or been given them for a promo fee, but use them because they make my life easier.  Since I do my own business from top to bottom, I only add what can be done in as simple and least amount of time possible.   

The "Shop" page contains affilliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you.

Our Top Rated Products

Thrive Themes


Word Press Theme

I recommend Thrive Theme Builder.  I purchased a Shapeshiift theme from them and the Thrive Architect that goes with it is absolutely wonderful.  It's simple to learn, and they have some of the finest tuturials I've used.



Hosting Services

When we moved to Escalante, Utah in 2005 there were few companies that had websites.  We helped them get online with the help of Dreamhost, the hosting company that gives us unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts and more.  See for yourself.



Email Marketing

Using WordPress gives us the freedom to add the necessary plugins to our theme for special actions.  Email marketing is one of those and we use the plugin Mailpoet.  The smaller edition is free and the price goes up depending on the number of subscribers.  

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