April 21

Respect Owners Rights [Blog Post]


Respect? A large number of Americans have an attitude that businesses are public and are controlled by the Government.  While there is no doubt that government rules and regulations control a portion of the decisions owners make, they don’t control when they open their doors to buyers.

Over the years I’ve seen this lack of respect for private property grow to even the home owner whose fences are damaged by young men and women who think they can paint graffiti on bridges and push over private fencing – for fun.

Now a group of freedom lovers, without much respect for law enforcement,  think that just because they put pressure on state and federal leaders to allow businesses to reopen that they actually will.  A Bloomberg article spelled it out very well, quoting a Chamber of Commerce executive on the fears of business owners on why they’d rather stay closed than open too soon.

Respect Business Owners Fear of Lawsuit

“The liability concern is a real issue,” said Harold Kim, president of the Chamber’s Institute for Legal Reform. “Right now they’re asking: how do we protect ourselves against risk. The worst-case scenario is that companies will not want to open their doors because the liability risk is so great.”

Read the Insurance Journal report

Scales of Justice

The public needs to be reminded that even Walmart and Costco are privately owned businesses on private property and thus should be respected. That their trash is not to be thrown on the floor because they know someone else will pick up after them.  And the store is not a playground for children to play chase and tag. And my pet peeve, coffee drinkers that come into your store, ignore you while they wander around and finish their beverage and then hand you the cup to dispose of as if you’re their servant.  Or don’t even go that far, just set it down on the counter and leave.  GRRRR!

This is a great opportunity to remind people that small business owners, and large, are here to help buyers solve a problem.  Whether it’s lack of food in the pantry, or a broken water line, every business deserves their respect for being there, providing jobs, volunteering with non-profits or donating goods, services and money to a local organization.

Don’t expect small businesses to just open their doors because you want your life to go back to “normal” without respect for their rights.  If we still had our brick and mortar retail establishment, we would not open until we knew it was safe for customers, delivery persons, and ourselves.  Respect owners rights, please.


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